Basic JDM PIC Programmer


Fig.1 - The basic JDM programmer

Fig.1 – The basic JDM programmer

Some years ago, in order to make some experiment at home with the PIC16F84A microcontroller, I needed to build a programmer. Surfing on internet I found lots of solutions and I decided to realize one of the easiest ones: a JDM programmer.

The cost of the project is probably a couple of Euros. In the PCB in figure 1, I used only components I had available at home and for that reason the DIP socket is 20 pin instead of 18.

I remember leaving the schematic as it was and drew it directly on Eagle, as shown in figure 2. Today I tried to find on the web the original project with no success. A similar one is published on the PICPgm‘s website (figure 3) but others are available on various websites as well. So, I don’t know exactly who to thank for this :-)

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