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I am very proud to announce the creation of my own website! My first post is intended to be the “about” section of andy-progetti.com, I’ll start publishing my electronic projects from 1 May.

Why this site

Since I was a boy I have been interested in electronics. Until today, I fixed and burnt lots of stuff, built hundreds of PCBs, some were bad because they didn’t work or were useless, some others made me proud of myself. I’d like to share this with people.

Why the name

Andy, as might be expected, is my name – progetti means projects in Italian: Italian is my nationality.

What is it

It is a collection of my best PCBs with the complete instructions and everything you need to build them. Some come from original schematics, some not, often a mix of both. Publications are split in three different categories as explained below.

single-pcbs-iconSINGLE PCBs

These projects are the single elements that, combined, form a system. For that reason they generally cannot be used by themselves, probably you should connect them to something else, some other elements, some other projects, some other PCBs.

BOXED PROJECTSassembled-devices-icon

Here we have the systems described before. Combining some PCBs in the right way, it is possible to build complete devices. In most cases, however, it is not so easy because some elements of the system might not be compatible or ready to be used with the others. In these situations sometimes it could be enough to change something in the elements, but sometimes it could be necessary to add one or more specific PCBs in order to interface properly with the single elements of the system.

HOW TOhow-to-icon

Guidelines, tricks, manuals, curiosities, etc, belong to this section. Here you should find all you need to make the projects published in the site and something more. 


If you want to e-mail me please use this address info@andy-progetti.com

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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