Compact 2A 0-30V Variable Switching Power Supply with Current Control L296


Fig.1 – The compact 2A 0-30V variable switching power supply with current control

Fig.1 – The switching PSU

This is the PCB I used to test all my projects.

When I drew it, I took the cue from the project published on (I hope the attribution is made to the right author because I found many clones on the internet). I changed something on that schematic making the improvements I thought were right also in order to try to use the components I already had available.

To be honest, what makes the project so good is not this specific schematic. That is nothing more than an elaboration of some “typical applications” suggested on the L296‘s data sheet, but the IC itself.

The l296 switching regulator requires very few external components and the current limiter is already inside it (make sure to use the L296P to take the advantage of this function).

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